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As a legatee of the rich intellectual tradition in Muslim history, al-Mawrid is a unique institution of learning. A deep concern over the dearth of suitable approaches to Islamic learning in our times gave birth to this institution at the dawn of the Fifteenth century Hijrah. Lost in the maze of sectarian prejudices and political wrangling, the true message of Islam, based on the Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah, has become alien to the Muslims. The Qur’an, which is the foundation of this religion, is rarely approached for purposes other than oral delivery or rote learning. In the madrasas, those disciplines of learning that were at best a possible means to understanding the Qur’an have become an end in themselves. The Hadith has been isolated from its foundations in the Qur’an and the Sunnah, and the primary focus now is on the foundational principles and the emanating discourses of a particular school of thought and on the polemics to establish their superiority over those of others.

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Religion is the guidance which was first inspired by the Almighty in human nature and after that it was given by Him with all essential details to mankind through His prophets. Muhammad (sws) is the last of these prophets. Consequently, it is now he alone who in this world is the sole source of religion. It is only through him that man can receive divine guidance, and it is only he who, through his words, deeds or tacit approvals, has the authority to regard something as part of Islam until the Day of Judgement.


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It is of paramount importance to very clearly understand the basis and foundation of the message Al-Mawrid wants to deliver. The intellectual arguments behind this message should be fully grasped so that its bearers are able to cogently present it to their addressees. It also needs to be understood that the foremost addressees of this message are the bearers themselves. They should first comprehend it and then deliver it to others. Besides understanding the message, they should also try to have a true comprehension of God. In the absence of this comprehension, no Dawah mission can be truly successful.

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I have written in my treatise Mizan that the Qur’an is what is recorded in the mushaf, and which, except for some areas of North Africa, is recited by a vast majority of the Muslim ummah without the slightest variation. A question may arise on this: even if for the sake of discussion it is accepted that the Qur’an is only what has just been...

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Bank Profit And Interest

My father worked abroad for some 28 years in Dubai Govt. He had four kids including me and he spent his money on our education and other necessities. In 2001 his job finished and he moved back to Pakistan. The gratuity he received plus some of the plots in Pakistan helped him buy a house and get his two daughters and two sons married. With no source of income initially he put his money in bank but withdrew it because of fear of interest and invested it in some car business where he was cheated badly! Somehow he managed to get some of his money back and thought to invest into something else but not some bank account on profit and loss basis. He then invested in property business and bought a plot which again proved to be a hard luck because after buying that plot all his money was stuck with that plot and he found out that again somebody had trapped him and some other party also claims to be the owner of that very same plot! And he again is stuck into another law suit.

For quiet a while now he was trying to approach some good scholar who could further advice him as to what he should do in such a scene, when he has a wife to take care of and a house to run. His wife, my mom, is sick since a long period of time, and her monthly medicines are quiet expensive too. The two sons he has are both doctors but still in completing education period and have very less pays (you know how they pay in Govt hospitals to trainees!) in which they can hardly afford their wives. So with no proper source of income and an age of 64 he cannot go for some labour job as well, he tried to do business with that money twice but both times he was being cheated, and with sons not able to support him as well what do you suggest sir? And besides that would it still be ḥarām for him to put his money in some bank on profit and loss basis? Because I being his daughter when see him and my mother suffer at this age and in such condition I ask him to put his money in some bank but he wouldn't listen and says this is ḥarām, I never earned ḥarām all my life how could I do this now. But sir would it still be ḥarām when he has no other choice to return back to Dubai and get some small business started there? And so many cheaters ready to grab ones money sitting out in Pakistan? What are elderly people like him supposed to do? My question is of course mainly for my own father but there must be so many like him who returned back and lost all they had, including their health too.


Your question has three aspects:

social security aspectbusiness/economic aspectreligious aspect I am sure you will appreciate that as a student of Islam I can only try to address the first aspect. For the latter, I advise you to seek guidance and comments from those who are experts in them.From religious point of view, your good father is very right that gaining money through bank interest is ḥarām. Receiving interest...

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